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Individual Counseling 

Having another person that you can really trust and gets what you have been going through can make a big difference.  All of us here at Three Firs have lived experience and formal training in working chronic illness, as well as trauma.  Working with someone that can see what you need and knows how to guide you to the place that you want to be is invaluable.  Whether you need someone someone to give you insight, cheer you on, hold you accountable, or challenge you to go further- we are there for you. We provide weekly counseling sessions so that you can go deep to the heart of the matter and find the healing that you need.  Your therapist will help you look at the entirety of your life to find the pieces that need to be put back together again.

Group Counseling

Meeting with other people that are going through the same things as you are can be a valuable resource. Group counseling sessions are focused on hearing other people’s shared perspectives and often times we learn and see what they are going through in ourselves as well. Being in a group brings out dynamics that you might not see working one on one.  We offer groups in movement therapy and creative process therapy.  Other groups that we offer focus on helping you find the skills that you need to heal such as mindfulness based practices, setting better boundaries in your life, and finding a deeper sense of self worth and purpose.

Movement and Somatic Therapy

It often said that trauma lives in the body.  There are a lot of physiological changes to the brain and to how the body responds to things that happen when you have been through traumatic things..  Your ability to react effectively can become stuck or manifest as a chronic illness.  Living with your stress response with the "on" knob WAY past 11 is not good for our health.  Since trauma effects the whole system we cant always just talk our way out of it.  By engaging the body and the mind together we can brings things back into balance.  Somatic and movement therapy help you reach deep into your system to find the healing that you need.

Career Counseling

Our work is an important part of how we live and how we view ourselves, and  living with trauma, or chronic illness can make it hard to feel that we can live up to our potential.  In working with you to find the job that will work for you we consider everything- your desires, what ability issues are going on, family needs, salary, etc.  We help you with the whole process from deciding on a goal, writing resumes, and interview prep, as well as counseling you through social situations at work.  We can also work with employers and advocate for you so that you can be successful in the workplace.  Let us help you find the job that you want either for something right now or a career that you have always dreamed about. We can even help you show you the steps on how to start the small business that you've been dreaming about.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  Sometimes talking about things is not enough and we need to tap into things on a deeper level.  EMDR is a way we can bring things. up while we make specific movements with the eyes and it helps to work through the trauma that has been stuck in our system.  We work to intensionally bring up the feelings that we have that have been holding us back and through the process we desensitize and process them so they are no longer energy blocks in our system.  It allows us to let go and many times we have seen people make improvements in a shorter time span then just talking by itself.

Creative Process Therapy

When we have lived a life where we are in survival mode our spirits, bodies and brains work in a different way.  We spend time either feeling frozen and overwhelmed or just trying to make it through the day.  By engaging ourselves in the creative process with our hands, our bodies and our hearts we can open up to new perspectives in ourself.  Creative pursuits allow us the opportunity to challenge ourselves to flow with the moment and lead us to grow into places that might not otherwise be possible.  Besides, art is fun.

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